Lindsey Beckers, Kentucky, USA

Just got my female teacup pomeranian baby shipped to me. Thank you Jordan for assisting me through this whole process. Linda is right here in my ars, she is looking so strong and full of energy. I am so happy to have this puppy. It has always been my wish to get a great and now that i spend all of my time at home doing nothing, I needed someone to keep me company, at first I Did not know how to get a puppy because I could not leave the house. But Betty TeaCup Puppies Home shipped the puppy right to my home address. All I did was pay for my puppy and sign to collect her when she arrived. Thanks a lot Jordan. God Bless You.

Morgan Edison, Ontario, Canada

Wow, these people will get your pomeranian puppy to you at the comfort of your home. I did not move an inch. My 7-year-old son has been disturbing me about getting him a puppy. When I first contacted they and they agreed to ship the puppy for free, I was a little skeptical. But I gave them a try because I truly wanted to make my son happy. All i did was pay for the puppy and give them my delivery information and address. I could track and see the puppy at all times while he was on transit. Then my phone rang and I opened the door to find the delivery van. All i did was sign to collect our new baby. Please keep up the good work.

Meyer Henandez, Lake Tahoe, CA

I love chihuahuas and my father owned a pack of them. In these times of crisis, I needed some company so i went online searching. When i first spoke to them, i could not believe they would get the puppy to main good health. To my greatest surprise, my puppy us so healthy and strong. Their puppies are well nourished and taken care of. This family does a very great job raising and training their puppies. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to them.

Maggie .F, Bridgeport, CT

Never had a problem with their puppies. 3 members of my family got their puppies from them and i was recommended too. They pride in raising the best puppies you can find. I eir really never bother about the VET checks because we have bought from them times without number and the puppies are perfectly healthy. And I am so amazed with their shipping time. The puppy gets to you even before you know it. You are so well organized, so are your puppies. My 10 weeks old baby is potty trained and he understands basic commands like '' sit '' , '' stand ''. You are one of a kind. More power to your elbows Betty TeaCup Puppies Home.

J. Harrison, Brooklyn, NY

Oh ooooh, have been waiting for this moment. I did reserve my chihuahua puppy 2 weeks ago and they assured me that the puppies will be ready by now. I was a little skeptical, but i am fully overwhelmed today because I just got my puppy delivered right to my home address as they promised me. I really could not sleep after I made my reservation, I kept thinking I had been ripped off, but they continued to reassure me that I will get my puppy. I am so sorry for all the doubts and I promise to never doubt you again. I will definitely recommend Betty TeaCup Puppies Home to everyone I know. Thank you so much.

Williams Burg, Manchester, NJ

You put smiles on the faces of many. With this ongoing crisis, I was a little skeptical of someone shipping me a puppy across the country. Guess what, they have a very organized system with the delivery agency. I only needed to sit in my house and they brought the puppy right to my doorsteps. This is so wonderful, it is my first time shipping a puppy across the country. I have never done it before. I am so overwhelmed with the overall quality of the puppy and their delivery service. It took just about 17 hours for the puppy to get to me. Thank you all for the good work and keep it up.

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